10 Weeknight Dinner Recipes I’ve Been Loving Lately

My friends are constantly texting me for weeknight recipe ideas because I usually have a good rotation going. I keep a list of current favorites in the notes app on my phone. Below are my current favorites. Staples that I cook and serve over and over again.

The best chopped salad (Cupcakes & Cashmere): The way I love this chopped salad, you guys. It’s so simple but also really filling and incredibly tasty. Any salad with pepperoncini is a salad for me. I make it far too often but I just can’t stop!

Chicken pot pie soup: I posted this one recently but it’s worth another shout out because it’s so easy and everyone in the family loves it. Which is not a common feat in my house.

Easy vegetarian chili (Love & Lemons): We love chili and we love eating less meat but I find that most vegetarian chilis miss the mark with flavor. This one is on point! Amalia won’t eat it but Luca loves it.

TikTok feta and tomato pasta bake: Never ever fails.

White chicken chili: My ride or die weeknight recipe. I’ve been making this once a week for years and somehow haven’t gotten sick of it.

Slow cooker brisket (Happily Eva After): Luca is a big meat eater so I’ve been cooking more for him. He loves this brisket and so do Anel and I. I follow the recipe exactly but then throw it in the oven for a few more hours if I have time for the best texture.

Soba noodle salad: I switch out this soba noodle salad and our favorite Otsu recipe but love them both equally. These aren’t as kid-friendly (in our house at least) but I love how fresh and bright and veggie-packed they are. I often make big batches and have them for lunch multiple days in a row.

Turmeric caramel cod (Bon Appetit): Ok this is a very new-to-me recipe that I read on Bon App last month but I’ve already made it twice because it’s so good. It’s now rivaling my go-to miso-glazed salmon. Pro tip if you make the cod though, use half the amount of lime unless you want an extremely lime-forward dish!

Pasta Fagioli: I’ve finally come as close as I can to making this classic Italian dish the way my grandmother did. Pasta Fagioli is my ultimate comfort food.

Ribollita: How many soups are too many soups to put on this list? I can’t not include this one because it’s always a hit.

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