My Favorite Products of 2023

Hello and happy 2024, friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve written any posts here but I fully took off over the last two weeks and it was so nice to truly unplug. And by nice I mean completely chaotic and not at all relaxing with two kids but I’m glad I got to focus 100% of my attention on them for the break.

I am back with one of my favorite posts of the year, every year! I keep a running list in my phone of the products I use and love the most each month and then compile it into this list. From the coziest hoodie to my new favorite scents, my  list from 2023 has it all.

Check out my favorite products of 2022, 20212020 and 2019 too!

1. Floraco Magnolia Mint Candle: This is hands down the most clean, refreshing, and uplifting candle scent of all time. This is most likely burning if you enter my home. Notes of orange blossom mix with lemon, herbs, and crisp mint leaves.

2. Sezane Bucket Bag: 2023 was my year of discovering the wonders of Sezane. The brand nails it every single time and this bucket bag with an optional tiny monogrammed detail on the strap is just perfection. The leather is beautiful and I like the size of it for a day bag.

3. Flaunt Phone Case & Ring: Once you get a ring on your phone you will never ever go back. It has cut my phone dropping by exactly 93% and makes holding it quite a delight. I also love the fun colors and patterns on the Flaunt square cases. It’s a whole vibe.

4. Knife Sharpener: Anel gets all the credit for this one. I was complaining about dull knives but kept forgetting to bring mine to the sharpening booth at the farmer’s market, so he bought this sharpener and OMG cooking with uber-sharp knives is just so wonderful!

5. AG Saige Flare Jeans:

6. Cafe Appliances Air Fryer: My dad has this one and I immediately wanted it when I used his so he gave it to me for my birthday! It air fries, toasts, defrosts, bakes, and does everything in between. It’s basically a toaster oven and air fryer in one and looks nice on our counters.

7. Cropped Cashmere Sweater (on sale!): I love this sweater (in hot pink) so much that I wore it for photos in my cookbook! The color and fit and softness of the cashmere is all just too perfect.

8. Heart Pendant Necklace: Obviously I had to include this necklace on the list considering it’s been a favorite all year and mentioned at least 7500 times. I like how big the heart pendant is, and it makes every outfit look instantly cooler.

9. Bed Head Wax Stick: I love a slicked back or parted tight pony or bun but always had flyaways until someone told me about this wax stick which is essentially a glue stick for your hair It smooths everything out for a sleek look.

10. Moon Dew Eye Cream: If you have undereye bags, this retinol-alternative eye cream is for you. It somehow magically shrinks them and feels so soft and creamy going on. It doesn’t pill up under make up either

11. Kibou Diaper Bag Fanny Pack: We will be potty training Luca soon but until then this fanny pack diaper bag (I wear it as a cross-body bag) holds all of the essentials without the bulk. The bag includes a fold out, detachable changing pad and a waterproof pocket for wipes. The company was started by 2 moms from Brooklyn who knew exactly what essentials are needed and designed a bag to fit exactly that.

12. Maya Base Fragrance Roller: When I first met Caroline in San Francisco on a Flagship trip last year, she had on a perfume that smelled magical. Like a field of flowers! I asked her about it and turns out it changes scents based on your skin chemistry. So obviously all of us at the table had to try it on. On one girl it smelled woodsy, on another it was herbal, on me, it smelled like fresh lemongrass and verbena.

Each one of these scents was subtle and not overpowering, but one that when someone wearing it walks by you ask them what it is. Obviously I bought it right away (I think all of us did, actually!) and also added it to the Lemon Stripes Market. I’ve worn it every day since.

13. Bare August Foot File: You know how I feel about my daily foot care routine, and this was my favorite addition this year.

14. Owala Water Bottle: The perfect water flow, a great size, and fun colors. I have it in the “Can You See Me?” hot pink colorway and the 40 oz size.

15. Leather Desk Mat: I added this pretty blush desk mat (and matching mouse pad) to my decluttered office last January and love how it elevates and streamlines a bigger desk.

16. Car Tissue Box Holders: These are so much easier to grab a tissue from for runny noses and backseat snack clean up, and they’re refillable too.

17. Vacation Perfume: I had this brand’s sunscreen and was obsessed with the smell when a follower told me that they make a perfume that matches it! I bought it on the spot and love it for summer. It smells like the best sunscreen you’ve ever smelled.

18. Striped Lady Jacket: This is the perfect French-girl look when paired with high-waisted jeans.

19. The Perfect Hoodie: So nice I bought it twice (grey and red) and also a top purchase from you guys this year.

20. Flat Lay Claw Clips: My sister gave me these as an early Christmas gift, and I loved them so much I added the set to my shop. I love how tightly they hold my hair and how I can wear them laying down or in the car without

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